JAMES KERR FILMS specializes in story-telling and is a full-service visual production company with distinguishing skills in narrative, entertainment, commercial, or informative production. Whether it is a commercial campaign, a short documentary or a vivid music video - we work to build the brand and image that sets each and every client apart from the rest. At the heart of the company is a passionate filmmaker who believes in dedication, creativity, and professionalism - all with a competitive attitude to bring forth top quality work every single day.


Concept Design. Scriptwriting. Story Visualization. We offer everything you need to get your project started on the right track and provide services to ensure 100% execution with overwhelming customer service. We walk with you every step of the way through the production process and help show you what you need to have a successful strategy.


Filmmaking. This is where we shine. From start to finish, we bring professionalism and a creative working environment to every day of production. Commercials. Music Videos. Documentaries. Public Service Announcements. Films. No matter the project, no matter the budget - we work diligently to produce the highest quality of work every single time.


Editing. Sound Design. Visual Effects. Even a great project sometimes needs a little shine added on. Our skills and experience in the editing room allow for ample opportunities to finish off the production in an expedited fashion without any loss for detail. We hate wasting time, especially our client's. Time is money and post production process can sometimes be daunting, but with our edit processes - it is always fast, easy, and efficient.


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